About Us

Salem Lutheran Preschool, established in 1978, is a Christian-based preschool which welcomes children of all faiths.  Our purpose is to promote healthy emotional and social development among pre-school children through cooperative play in an atmosphere of love, caring and understanding.

Our programs include large and small muscle activities, arts and crafts, singing, dancing, cooking, housekeeping, dress-up, dramatic play, water and rice table play, simple science experiments, outdoor activities, story time, and fieldtrips.  We also use a variety of videos, puzzles, books, blocks, construction games, toys, readiness games, musical instruments.  Pre-Kindergarten skills are also incorporated through games, books, songs and worksheets.


Activities involving the major Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter are incorporated into activities at the appropriate times of the year.  A Christmas program is offered for the families and friends.  A simple prayer before snack time are offered as well.  Of course, students from other faiths are encouraged to share their traditions with their classes as well. 

2022/2023 School Years Starts Soon

Your first day of school will be Wednesday, September 7th. We are going to have lots of fun together this year.  You will make new friends, have time to play, read books, do craft projects, and enjoy snack time.  We hope to go on some fun field trips too! We have been working to get the classroom and playroom ready for the new school year.  We are looking forward to seeing you and your family very soon at our Orientation Open House.